Inspection Services

RAE Engineering offers a full service laboratory that provides comprehensive services in coating performance evaluation, failure analysis, physical testing, chemical analysis, field testing and QA/QC. We assure our clients that the services we provide in the field or our laboratory are of the highest quality, integrity and excellence.

Pressure Vessel and Piping Inspections

Pressure vessel inspectors at RAE Engineering are certified to API 510, Alberta IPV and/or National Board. Pressure piping inspectors are certified to API 570. Our inspectors are well-trained and experienced in the processes involved with pressure equipment including compression, separation, dehydration units, various sweetening units and other towers, oil treaters and separation units.

With a strong understanding of the operation of pressure equipment, RAE Engineering inspectors can provide sound, practical recommendations for their inspection findings.

Our inspectors are not only trained in the inspection of the individual units of pressure equipment, but also in the overall operation of the equipment and recognition of the interaction of one unit to another to ensure compliance to the regulations and overall plant integrity.

Additionally, RAE Engineering has a strong engineering background to support its field inspectors in any circumstance that arises to ensure the correct remedial actions or recommendations are produced.

  • API 510, API 570, National Board and Alberta IPV inspectors
  • Capable of inspecting ASME Section VIII equipment of all types and configurations
  • Installation inspections
  • Repair inspection and monitoring

Boiler Inspections

RAE engineering Inspectors are certified to the National Board and Alberta IBPV. We are capable of inspection ASME section I and Section IV boilers, Aswell as HRSG and OTSG package boilers

  • Boiler inspection – full external, internal, PSV, piping
  • Boiler operation and integrity consulting
  • Installation and commissioning inspections
  • Repair inspection, surveillance and regulatory sign-off
  • Repair procedure development
  • Supervise boiler functionality tests supervision
  • Field gas path inspection
  • Boiler tube pigging procedure development and pigging supervision

Coatings and Linings Inspections

RAE Engineering coating inspectors are trained to Level III certification status under the NACE International Coating Inspector Training & Certification Program (NICITCP).

Drawing on experience gathered over the past 20 years on three continents, RAE Engineering has been instrumental in the selection of and supervising the application of coating systems for aggressive environments and unusual applications for various clients.

  • Pipe Coating
    Selection of a suitable system requires a sound understanding of the corrosion mechanism, operating conditions, the environment and the limitations imposed by equipment, location, climate and other external influences.
  • Coating Failure
    Objective inspection and control during the coating and lining application process is provided by trained and experienced professional staff. Critical phases of the process such as surface preparation, materials preparation (especially multi-component materials), materials application, and external environmental factors are monitored and recorded under the RAE Engineering internal Quality Assurance System.
  • Layers and Embrittled Urethane
    Our inspectors are well experienced in this field, allowing them not only to monitor but also to advise clients and contractors on best possible practices, thus contributing positively to the cost-effective and satisfactory completion of a project.

Storage Tank Inspections

  • Inspectors certified to API 653
  • Small and large diameter tank inspections
  • Magnetic flux leakage tank floor scans (MFL), mapping and non mapping
  • Magnetic, ultrasonic testing tank crawler, (NAVIC)
  • 3D laser scanning:
    • Out-of-roundness surveys
    • Level and settlement surveys
    • Strapping
    • As-built models and drawings
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Fitness-for-Service assessments (API 579)
    • Tank volume calibration and vacuum box testing
  • Leak testing
  • Internal and External Floating Roof Assessments
  • Non-destructive testing – MT, UT and PT
  • Coating application inspection and coating assessment
  • Arctic audit inspections
  • International tank inspection and project management

Non-Destructive Examination (NDE)

RAE Engineering utilizes highly qualified CGSB certified NDE technicians. Our personnel are fully capable of performing NDE inspections, either independently or accompanying our API 510 inspectors and API 653 inspectors as part of a complete team. With access to the latest in NDE technology, along with expertise and experience, we ensure your integrity needs are met.

  • Magnetic Flux Leakage
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Corrosion / Erosion Surveys
  • Thickness / Hardness Verification
  • Shearwave Weld Inspection
  • UT Inspections with Jireh Navic Crawler
  • CGSB Level III Certified Personnel
  • Liquid Penetrant

QA/QC Support Services

The highly experienced Quality Assurance/Quality Control group at RAE Engineering can ensure that your projects – whether in the field or at a fabrication shop – are constructed according to your specifications and all applicable codes and standards, and meet all regulatory requirements. Our inspectors are all certified to a minimum of CWB Level I. We have experience in projects of all sizes – from large oil sands projects to smaller, conventional upstream facilities, and large field-erected storage tanks to shop-fabricated skid packages.

  • Surveillance inspections and audits of pressure piping and pressure equipment during fabrication (shop and/or field)
  • Surveillance inspections and audits of structural steel and skid packages during fabrication
  • Tank fabrication QA surveillance inspections and auditing (shop and/or field)
  • Witnessing of hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of piping components and systems
  • Walk-down of new facility piping systems to ensure fabrication adheres to the approved construction drawings
  • Sign off of ABSA AB-83 and supporting documentation as the owner’s inspector
  • Liaise with ABSA for stamping of “A” numbers on pressure vessels; coordinate with ABSA Inspector regarding witnessing of B31.1 piping or hold points
  • Review construction work packages, MOCs and Inspection & Test Plans

Welding Examination and Testing

At RAE Engineering, our welder and welding operator performance qualification and testing program allows welders in both Alberta and British Columbia to qualify in accordance with specific welding procedures and maintain their pressure welding certification.

  • Welding Examiners are fully qualified and hold a current Alberta Welding Examiner Certificate of Competency issued by ABSA.
  • Weld testing and B Pressure re-certification either locally at your shop or in any field location you choose within Alberta.
  • performance qualification testing at a shop or field location in British Columbia.
  • Additionally, we can provide consulting services to develop weld procedures, and perform destructive testing and witness the welding operations.