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Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Fall

As leaves change, temperatures drop, and families gather for feasts and fun, be aware of hazards and are prepared for whatever may fall in your path.

In This Issue:
October 2022 Health and Safety Bulletin

  • Preparing for Fall
  • Biological Hazards

October Observances:

Month: Breast Cancer; Cyber Security; Mark it Read for Dyslexia

Days/Weeks: Run for the Cure: 2

Mental Illness Awareness Week: 2-8

World Habitat Day: 4

World Space Week: 4-10

World Cerebral Palsy Day: 6

Fire Prevention Week: 9-15

Thanksgiving: 10

World Homeless & Mental Health Day: 10

World Arthritis Day: 12

Bone and Joint Week: 12-18

World Thrombosis Day: 13

Disaster Risk Reduction Day: 15

Handwashing Day: 15

World Spine Day: 16

International Infection Prevention Week: 16-22

International Stuttering Awareness Day: 22

World Amyloidosis Day: 26

Respiratory Therapy Week: 24-29

Prescription Drug Take-Back Day: 29

Halloween: 31