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Please review the applicable HSE Updates.

  • Company Safety Meeting Presentation:   deadline Fri 14 July 2023
    • If you have not already done so by the deadline, please review the attached Company Safety Meeting on SiteDocs to indicate you have reviewed it. If the deadline has passed – you missed it.
  • H&S Bulletin: Answer due by 8am Friday 28 July 2023
  • Health and Safety Committee: Next Meeting: ****Thursday 6 July 2023 at 1pm ****
    • Special meeting day as quorum could not be met last week for the regularly scheduled meeting
    • If you can’t join the HSC meetings,  you can still participate by providing feedback, questions, or concerns to Please submit feedback prior to the next meeting so it can be brought forward.
    • The HSC meets the last Thursday of each month at 1pm via Teams
    • Previous HSC Meeting Minutes can be found in the Teams Channel and SiteDocs
  • Hazard Reporting: Due by end of each month
    • Once a month, submit at least 1 hazard ID, incident, accident, or near miss to to demonstrate your commitment to thinking about safety
    • Non-work-related incidents count as well, just indicate that it was not work-related in the subject.
  • Safety Rewards Program: Where your commitment to RAE’s Safety Culture is rewarded!
    • May PRC winners:
      • $500 Best Card winner: Marnes du Plessis
      • $100 Random Safety Card draw: Marnes du Plessis
    • If you have any questions or concerns about the Safety Rewards Program, or would like to sign-up to do a presentation, please email
  • Peer Recognitions: Due by Company Safety Meeting each month
  • RAE 2023 Internal COR Audit:
    • The 2023 Internal COR Audit is underway. Documentation is expected to be completed this week with interviews beginning Tuesday 5 July 2023. If you are an Edmonton or GP employee who has not yet provided your Audit Interview availability, please do so ASAP.
      • GP Audit Interview Deadline: Wed 12 July 2023
      • Edmonton Audit Interview Deadline: Fri 28 July 2023

Energy Safety Canada (ESC)

  • ESC is pleased to announce the publication of the  Process Safety Metrics and Event Reporting Guide. The 1.1 Edition incorporates changes based on industry feedback.
    • The guide works in tandem with the Data Gateway where process safety event reporting is encouraged so the aggregated and anonymous data can be used to learn and improve.


Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC)

  • MHCC has released the latest issue of The Catalyst | Le Vecteur  which features some of the following articles and fact sheets:
    • Home Alone: Aging without support is becoming more prevalent for older people in Canada. How can we stem the tide?
    • Newcomers Forward: The Future Ready Initiative’s community-helping-community model supports people to strive and thrive.
    • Understanding and Coping with Eco-Anxiety: The natural environment is changing, and people are worried about what it means for the future. That worry, which is increasingly becoming severe enough to cause distress and dysfunction, is called eco anxiety.
    • Common Mental Health Myths and Misconceptions: While people in Canada are talking about mental health more than ever, misconceptions in the media and elsewhere are keeping the stigma alive.