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Please review the applicable HSE Updates.


  • RAE COVID Protocols:
    • RAE is committed to following the health guidelines as set out by provincial health authorities and the municipalities where RAE does business.
  • HSE Manual 2022 Knowledge Check: All RAE employees and contractors must complete the HSE Manual Knowledge Check with a minimum 80% pass rate
  • Company Safety Meeting Presentation:   due Fri 9 April 2022
    • If you have not already done so, please review the attached Company Safety Meeting and Employee training presentation and indicate that you have done so by replying to the email.
    • Even if you miss the deadline for meeting attendance, you are still required to review the Safety Meeting presentation(s) and indicate you have done so as they contain valuable training information.
  • April H&S Bulletin: Answer due by 8am Friday 29 April 2022
    • Will be issued April 1st
  • Health and Safety Committee:
    • If you can’t join the HSC meetings,  you can still participate by providing feedback, questions, or concerns to Please submit feedback prior to the next meeting so it can be brought forward.
    • Next Meeting: Friday 29 April 2022 at 1pm via Teams
    • March meeting minutes will be issued next week
  • Mandatory PPGs: Stats are gathered at the beginning of each month for the previous month
    • Ensure all mandatory PPGs have been reviewed and marked as “Read”. These are mandatory for all staff.
    • The 2022 Health, Safety, and Environment Manual was issued in late January. Please be sure you review it and mark it as “Read” in RFR
    • If you do not know how to see which PPG(s) you are missing, contact your supervisor or to receive instructions on how to check.
  • Hazard Reporting: Due by end of each month
    • Once a month, submit at least 1 hazard ID, incident, accident, or near miss to to demonstrate your commitment to thinking about safety
    • Non-work-related incidents count as well, just indicate that it was not work-related in the subject.
  • Safety Rewards Program: Where your commitment to RAE’s Safety Culture is rewarded!
    • We now have a more simplified program where you can participate by recognizing your safety conscious co-workers through Peer Recognition cards and/or by preparing a safety presentation (details in the January Company Safety Meeting presentation)
    • January winners:
        • Safety Card: Jay Ravi
        • PRC Draw: Brett McCaughan
    • February winners:
        • Safety Card: Brett Peterson
        • PRC Draw: Jay Ravi
    • If you have any questions or concerns about the Safety Rewards Program, or would like to sign-up to do a presentation, please email For further info, see the Employee Safety Training – 28 January 2022 presentation in the January Safety Meeting and Stats email or via F:\RAE Presentations\2022\January
  • Peer Recognitions: Due by Company Safety Meeting each month
    • Fillable pdf cards can be found on eSynergy, doc 00.182.678



  • Isolation and quarantine are still required for those experiencing symptoms or who have tested positive. Visit for details.
  • NB: Some businesses or municipalities may still enforce masking or lowered capacities to reduce the risk of residents, staff, and clients.