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Please review the applicable HSE Updates.

  • RAE COVID Protocols:
    • As per Christo’s email, RAE has returned to mandatory masking and physical distancing while in common areas of offices as well as working from home unless required. This is to align with current public guidelines (as indicated in the COVID section)
    • As previously indicated, all personnel (including contractors) must supply HR with proof of their vaccination status. Like all personal info, HR will keep this info private.
  • Safety Rewards Program: Where your commitment to RAE’s Safety Culture is rewarded!
    • Stay tuned for information on what the Safety Rewards Program will look like for 2022
    • If you have any questions or concerns about the Safety Rewards Program, please email
  • Company Safety Meeting Presentation:   due Fri 14 January 2022*part of SRP
    • If you have not already done so, please review the attached Company Safety Meeting and Employee training presentation and indicate that you have done so by replying to the email.
    • Even if you miss the deadline for meeting attendance, you are still required to review the Safety Meeting presentation(s) and indicate you have done so as they contain valuable training information.
  • December H&S Bulletin: Answer due by 12pm Thursday 30 December 2021 *part of SRP
    • Submit your response for the Health and Safety Bulletin for a chance to win $25 and earn Safety Rewards Points
  • Health and Safety Committee: *part of SRP
    • If you can’t join the HSC meetings,  you can participate by providing feedback, questions, or concerns as well as by reading and acknowledging the minutes. Please submit feedback prior to the next meeting so it can be brought forward.
    • Next Meeting: Friday 28 January 2021 at 1pm via Teams
    • Note, after Cecil returns from holidays, there will be an email address specifically for the HSC:
    • Per the minutes, please refer to the Section 9 of the HSE Manual; Ergonomics Policy, which contains safe work practices applicable to working from home or the office, including wrist positioning, chair/desk/monitor height to accommodate each individual, work space layout, and more
  • Mandatory PPGs: Stats are gathered at the beginning of each month for the previous month *part of SRP
    • Ensure all mandatory PPGs have been reviewed and marked as “Read”. These are mandatory for all staff.
  • Hazard Reporting: Due by end of each month *part of SRP
    • Once a month, submit at least 1 hazard ID, incident, accident, or near miss to
    • Non-work-related incidents count as well, just indicate that it was not work-related in the subject.
  • Peer Recognitions: Due by Company Safety Meeting each month *part of SRP
    • Fillable pdf cards can be found on eSynergy, doc 00.182.678
  • Flu shots are now available! Visit to find an AHS centre, doctor’s office, or pharmacy



  • COVID-19 information for Albertans:’s
  • Obtain your COVID-19 Vaccine Record QR code!
  • Testing: Be advised that PCR testing (not the take-home kind) is only available to high-risk individuals as specified here:
    • Albertans can get a free rapid testing kit (take home) to help detect COVID-19 early and stop the spread.
  • Vaccines: Vaccines are our best defense to beat COVID-19. All eligible Albertans are encouraged to get vaccinated.
  • Masking: Mandatory restriction, Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces
  • Working from home: Mandatory measure
    • Mandatory work-from-home measures are in place unless the employer has determined a physical presence is required for operational effectiveness.
    • If employees are working on location, they must mask in all indoor settings, except while alone in work stations.
  • Social gatherings: Mandatory restriction – Updated December 21
    • Indoor social gatherings
      • Indoor private social gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people 18 and older.
    • Outdoor social gatherings
      • Outdoor private social gatherings limited to a maximum of 20 people, with 2 metre physical distancing between households at all times.
    • Workplace gatherings
      • Albertans should refrain from workplace social gatherings.
  • Isolation and quarantine requirements:
    • Isolation is still legally required for people who have COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive.
      • Anyone who is a household contact and is not fully immunized, should stay home for 14 days (i.e. not attend work, school or other activities).
    • International travellers must still follow federal travel requirements.


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