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Hot and Tired?

With hot summer nights, getting a restful sleep can be difficult. This issue takes a look at the dangers and prevention of heat-related illnesses and fatigue.

In This Issue: August 2022 Health and Safety Bulletin

  • Heat-related Illness
  • Fatigue

Awareness Month:

Spinal Muscular Atrophy; Gastroparesis;
National Civility; Cloves Syndrome; Psoriasis

Day & Week Observances:

Civic Holiday; Heritage & Terry Fox Day: 1

World Breast Feeding Week: 1-7

Farmworker Appreciation Day: 6

Dying to Know Day: 8

World Indigenous Peoples Day: 9

Update Your Bio/Resume Day: 10

Mountain Day: 11

International Lefthanders Day: 13

Back to School Prep Day: 15

World Breast Cancer Research Day: 18

World Humanitarian Day: 19

World Mosquito Day: 20

Victims of Stalinism & Nazism and
Slavery Remembrance Days: 23

World Water Week: Aug 23-Sept 1

Pluto Demoted Day: 24

International Bat Night: 27-28

More Herbs, Less Salt Day: 29

Overdose Awareness Day: 31